MC Server Soft Contributor Portal

Get your * subdomain for your Web Panel.


  • No more SSL warnings
  • End-to-end encryption out of the box
  • Fully proxied, your ip remains hidden
  • DDoS & Bot protected

What is this?

MC Server Soft supporters and donators can get a subdomain for their Web Panel. For example:

Why only contributors?

MC Server Soft is free for everyone. No ads, limits, nothing. But as a developer it needs to stay maintainable. Unfortunately very few donate when there are no benefits.


The panel requires an extra forwarded TCP port
The panel must run on one of these ports: 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096 or 8443
The panel must have its SSL setting enabled
Be a supporter or have donated a minimum of 3x☕


Auto update ip